“Even at your strongest, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and second-guess yourself when faced with decisions about your child. Sometimes, you need the wise counsel, understanding ear, and supportive pep talk of someone who knows first-hand the battles in front of you. Thanks to Jennifer Wood for being my sounding board. She is an amazing mother to three beautiful boys on the autism spectrum and a dedicated attorney specializing in Family and Special Needs Law. She will fight with you, and for you to ensure that your child’s needs are being met.”

Nikki Sterling, Local parent of a child with special needs


“I have personally needed Jennifer’s services.  I highly recommend her.  She is honest, compassionate, knowledgeable, and most of all down-to-earth. There is no one else you want in your corner fighting for you or your children than her.”

Lisa Durcan, Local parent of a child with a school dispute


“If you know what to do with school law, you can save a family a lot of money.  Jennifer Wood knows how to put family law and school law together and understands the stresses people are going through.  That’s just invaluable.”

Nancy Hablutzel, Cook County Court Appointed Guardian Ad Litem, Adjunct Professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law, and Owner of Hablutzel & Associates


“I know as a parent, educator, and now a lawyer you will be a huge help to families.”

“Many parents need someone to help them through all of the state legislation and guidelines when a special needs child is involved.  My deepest respect for providing this service to others.”

“Very inspirational. I love that there are strong and accomplished women like this that go the extra mile to make a difference.”

“I don’t know many who can relate to this woman – she is INCREDIBLE.  And to dedicate the time and effort to help others is miraculous . . . We need more selfless people like her to stand up for others and be of help even when the same system failed them.”

Online feedback in response to Today Show article featuring Jennifer Wood and written by Jacoba Urist.


“Jennifer Wood of Plainfield, IL, can still remember the first time she went to bat for her son . . . ‘The public special education preschool program would not furnish my 3-year-old with a car seat on the bus . . . I found applicable statutes, codes, and case law, and I presented these to the school administration  . . .’  The school listened.  ‘Not only did he have a proper safety harness, but there was one ready and waiting on the first day of school 2 years later for my middle son, and another after that for my third son . . . My advocacy for my son in the first case solved the problem for all 3 of my sons.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Autism Spectrum Disorders:  What Every Parent Needs to Know, by Dr. Alan Rosenblatt and Dr. Paul Carbone

Special families need special representation.